Bravery is being afraid and still going on

Inspirational lectures


“Through my lectures I want to inspire people and get them to see that the borders we put up for ourselves usually are illusions. When our motives are right, we can easier step outside our comfort zone and reach much higher levels than we thought is possible. If we are strong enough to do that, possibilities will open, which gives us strength for future challenges”. During our daily work we face different kind of challenges and problems. Which route should you take when you don’t have a map to guide you ? How do you get your team working together? What if the communication doesn’t work, or if you are afraid of doing something?

These are also challenges we face during our expeditions. The only thing that differs from most of the companies, are that if these things doesn’t work, somebody could get hurt or maybe die. Through my lectures I want to enlighten the possibilities to solve tasks that feels impossible, and share them with you.

The nature of the lectures :

The lectures are strongly connected to some of my expeditions, and the backbone are the pictures taken on that expedition. The lectures are not pure education, but entertainment as well. One word describing them could be “Edutainment”. The lectures are mostly used to open our eyes for different models of thought and action in the beginning of a seminar, or as a lighter program after a tiring day filled up with meetings.

Lecture topics :

The topic of the lectures are made up to suit the seminar. It could be anything between “Impossible mission on Antarctica – 89,2°C” to “Deep teamwork on a high level – Himalaya”. The content can then be pinpointed to one or several topics as :
– How to put up realistic goals and reaching them
– How to gain deep teamwork
– How to get the group to think outside the box

Lecture length :

The length of the lectures varies from 45 min to 3 hours depending of what the customer wants. Putting up the technical gear as laptops, projectors etc. takes about 15 min. Pata will bring all the technical gear with him if needed.

The showroom :

The space where the lecture is held has to be able to get dark. Not pitch dark but dark enough to show pictures in. A projector screen or a white wall is also needed. It is also good to have a table or chair to place the projector on.

Additional gear :

Sometimes I use equipment from different expeditions to catch the viewers attention directly when they enter the room. A real size doll with facemasks, ice axes, backpacks, a tent or machetes as an example.

The planning of the lecture :

Pata will discuss the topics and the contents of the lecture with the customer in advance. During that meeting or phone call, we will decide the topic and discuss the aim for the lecture, so the message will match with the customers. For a regular adventure lecture a meeting is not needed.

The languages:

Patrick is lecturing fluently in English, Swedish and Finnish

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“Speakersforum have sent their customers questionnaires after Patas lectures, and the feedback is quite unimaginable 4.84 on a scale of 1-5. Also, the customers comments on Patas lectures are top notch.” – Eki Felt / Speakersforum, Talent Director & Concept Manager

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Customer feedback

“Very positive, in a class of its own, simply just awesome!”

“Impressive material, inspiring! Pata really kept them in his grip.”

“Pata was brilliant, entertaining and very successful! Definitely exceeded our expectations.”

“Usually, when we have a performer, 50% don’t like him or her. In Pata’s case, there was no thoughts like this, which I think is quite rare.”

“Pata was absolutely fantastic and the presentation was perfect. It felt like the time was too short, even if Pata spoke for 1,5 hours. The guys took Pata’s ideas directly into practice the same day.”

“I was really exited about Pata!!! The lecture was very, very good! Pata’s maturity and authenticity, was something incomprehensible. Very rarely you get to meet people like this.”

Customer satisfaction

My customers have been from a wide range of companies, organizations, clubs, universities and schools both in Finland and abroad. I hope the following figures from the last few years of lecturing, will explain the variety of my customers and what they thought. This is a list of which business sector they have belonged to. Many of them have ordered more than one lecture.

30IT / communication companies
26Medical companies
18Media companies
10Oil / energy companies
29Government org. / Cities / ministries
29Business consultant companies
160+Schools and Universities
18Banks / Financial companies
9Insurance and law firms
21Travel / Hotels
22Outdoor companies
23Food / drink companies
26Heavy industry

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