Patrick “Pata” Degerman

Patrick "Pata" Degerman is most likely the only person in Finland who can call himself an Explorer. Pata has planned and led several expeditions in different parts of the world. On these expeditions he has climbed sixteen first ascents, skied, trekked and paddled in unvisited areas from the Arctic to the Antarctic, in different jungles, mountain ranges and deserted islands.

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Over 40 Expeditions

Inspirational lectures

“Through my lectures I want to inspire people and get them to see that the borders we put up for ourselves usually are illusions. When our motives are right, we can easier step outside our comfort zone and reach much higher levels than we thought is possible. If we are strong enough to do that, possibilities will open, which give us strength for future challenges”.

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Over 1000 lectures

Expedition photography

I simply love taking photographs! Expeditions offer an incredible opportunity to capture nature, wildlife, and adventures from places on earth that no one has ever seen. Shooting in these sometimes harsh environments can be tricky. The weight of the equipment, humidity, and lack of electricity are issues I constantly have to take into consideration. But then again, that is just another part of the challenge.

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